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PhD PhD Dissertation
Most Ph.D. dissertations don't really make very good books, and mine would certainly need a lot of work were it to be published as one. And it would have made a better dissertation if I had either focused it more narrowly or had enough space to yatter on about everything I wanted to! :) But it's got a lot of good ideas and good work in it, so here it is in case anyone can get some use out of it.

PhD PhD "Bonus Tracks"
I've recently dug out some short pieces of not-quite-completed and generally unpolished research that sprang from my Ph.D. research but had to be cut from the submitted version (as linked above). There's a bit on Scandinavian day-names, and another with my tuppence on the origin of the runic system.

PhD Vocabularium Cornicum
An "open source academic research" project in which I'm (very) slowly making an electronic version of the Vocabularium Cornicum.

Novel Project Novel Project
I've working (on and off!) for absolute ages on a fiction project, a "shamelessly over-the-top epic fantasy" that draws on my academic background in folklore, mythology, and pre-modern history. No, it's not done yet! ;) But I get asked about it sometimes, I've posted a few notes about it.

Music Current Musical Projects
I've posted a bunch of demo recordings (mostly MP3s, some other formats). Stages of completion range from "pretty much whole songs" to "lo-fi riff sketches", but I'm (probably unjustifiably) proud of my efforts. There're also some notes on the instruments and other gear I used to record them, and info on some of my homebrewed GarageBand presets that you can take away and use yourself.

Music Past Musical Projects
You can also check out some of the past musical projects I was involved with. Most recent was The Hibachi Dealers, who gigged around East Anglia, UK from 2002 to 2004. Before that came all-improv space-rock collective Das Ludicriox, my 1995 "solo" studio project Scylding, and my first ever band Ossian's Ride.


The Cambridge Writers of Imaginative Literature meet fortnightly at the Borders Starbucks in Cambridge (UK) to critique each other's writing.

The feedback is serious and constructive, but the people are relaxed and fun!

MySpaceI've got the obligatory Myspace page with a few of my demo recordings on it. Eh, why not!? :)

If you already know that you like my music, you can say so :)

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