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Dimming of the Day

One of my main projects these days is writing a fantasy fiction novel. People like to ask me about this, so here's a brief overview.

In my story, I am trying to draw on everything I've learned about the ancient and medieval Real World. I have, after all, one degree from Harvard's Folklore & Mythology department and another from Cambridge's Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic department -- I might as well use what I've learned! But it's very definitely a fantasy fiction story, set in a world much like our own, but definitely not actually our own. After all, by writing fantasy, no one can complain I've made mistakes in the history or anything :) and I'm not constrained by even so much Real World history as I would be even writing an alternative history novel.

Dimming of the Day

Hmm, when will it be finished? Good question! I've been mulling over the plot and/or setting in one form or another for many many years. I started writing in graduate school, gave it up when I needed to really concentrate on the Ph.D. dissertation, came back to it a year or so post-PhD thinking it needed a few tweaks to get it going ... and promptly started revamping it from the second paragraph onwards ;) Yeah, I regularly break all the rules found in how-to-write-your-novel advice, but such is life :)

Late 2001, I started up CWIL (Cambridge Writers of Imaginative Literature), who are about half-a-dozen people (give or take) meeting fortnightly at the Starbuck's coffee shop in Borders bookstore in Cambridge (UK) city centre. It's a good group, fun but serious, and is going great guns. A steady stream of critique keeps my inspiration levels up, though writing still gets delayed by the intrusion of Real Life, marriage, etc. ;) it's getting there. When it's finished, I'll try to sell it, and start writing a different story in case no one wants the first :)

Mmm, yes, I'll put those degrees to work yet :)


The Cambridge Writers of Imaginative Literature meet fortnightly at the Borders Starbucks in Cambridge (UK) to critique each other's writing.

The feedback is serious and constructive, but the people are relaxed and fun!


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