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Scylding was a project hastily thrown together when I realized was never going to get my little backlog of compositions recorded any other way before I left the Boston area for graduate school in the UK in late 1995. So I gathered a few friends and relations together to quickly record 3 of my original songs on state-of-the-art 24-track digital equipment ... and promptly abused the results by never mixing it, slamming the recordings up and down through dodgy cables and dodgier computers, and finally taking muddy MP3s sucked off a cassette in a boombox here so that you can download the glorious results:

Carl in the Studio

But you know, all things considered, they're not too bad! :)

Personnel onboard for the Scylding recordings were:

Carl Anderson
guitars, bass.
Larry Boyd
Tania Ruiz
Chris Anderson
synths & samples
David Kuznick
synth on "Ossian's Ride"

Some day, I'll re-record some of this stuff ... though I'll never improve on Larry's drums!