About Carl(az)

Carl Edlund Anderson is a technical writer and English-language tutor based in Bogotá, Colombia. Born in the US, he also lived, studied, and worked many years in the UK. Carl holds dual US/UK nationality and passports. He studied at Harvard College (BA, Dept. of Folklore & Mythology, 1993) and the University of Cambridge (Ph.D., Faculty of English, 2000). His interests include history, literature, linguistics, and music.


I was born on Long Island (New York State, USA) in 1971, living most of my life in Stony Brook until I went to university at Harvard College in Massachusetts, USA. There in 1993 I received a A.B. in Folklore & Mythology (Special Field: Medieval Scandinavian; Secondary Field: Celtic).

Paradoxically, I then spent several years working in computing, until in 1995 they opportunity came up for graduate study in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (Faculty of English) at the University of Cambridge in England (my family had already spent one year in 1983-84 living in Cambridge). I moved to England and studied at St. John's College, eventually submitting my dissertation (Formation and Resolution of Ideological Contrast in the Early History of Scandinavia) in June 1999 and receiving my Ph.D. in July 2000.

In the year between submission and graduation, I lived and worked in the Boston area in Massachusetts, USA as a content writer for AOL/DigitalCity Boston and realized I need to to pay the debt even more than I needed to look for a job in academia. Returning to both the computer industry (and England), I moved back to Cambridge to take a technical writing job at nCipher Corporation, Ltd. In September 2001, I met my wife Paola; we got married in July 2002. In September 2007, we relocated to Bogotá, Colombia where we plan to stay for the forseeable future (until perhaps an opportunity opens up in Cartagena! ;)

And, as Walter Cronkite would say, that's the way it is!

What's this "Carlaz" business?

Fair question. Well, my name is Carl, my academic work dealt with the culture of early Germanic peoples, and the reconstructed proto-Germanic form of "Carl" is usually given as *karlaz. But my own name is (usually) spelled with a "c", and besides you can't register karlaz.kom. (See? I told you.) Besides that, the domain name was available! So there you go.


The mighty Carl pauses to reflect whilst sacking Rome.

Born 1971
Huntington, NY,
Residence Colombia
Nationality US/UK
Occupation Technical Writer
Alma mater Harvard College
University of Cambridge
Academia English Language/Linguistics; Pre-modern northwestern Europe; Folklore/Mythology; History