(to Carl's Musical Heroes)
Martin Barre (long-serving guitarist in Jethro Tull) has finesse and technique to spare but is not shy about cutting loose with some full-on riffage :) Martin Barre
Jerry Garcia was a masterful improvisational guitarist and had a knack for writing great melodies as well. Jerry Garcia
Michael Nesmith actually wrote a bunch of snazzy songs during his tenure in The Monkees, but really shone in his subsequent "alt-country before alt-country" career. Michael Nesmith
Lemmy is God. 'Nuff said! Lemmy
Allen Woody was The Man on bass: sophisticated, melodic, and f****** loud. Also a fine mandolinist! RIP, Woody. Allen Woody
I don't know much about drumming, but I know Albert Bouchard's drumming has always blown me away. He seems to do just about everything else that's musical, too, and pretty damn well! Al Bouchard
And, of course, Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem are an inspiration to us all! Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem