Carl Edlund Anderson
Creative Writing

In late 2001, Carl founded CWIL (Cambridge Writers of Imaginative Literature). Though Carl moved to Colombia, South America in 2007, CWIL still meet regularly in Cambridge, UK. A number of members have become published authors of novels and/or short stories. Carl, alas, cannot number himself among them! :} Too much else going on, but he'll get back to those fiction projects someday ….

For many years, Carl's principal creative writing project has been an epic fantasy novel, drawing on his background in European folklore and mythology, and mixing this with his interests in indigenous American folklore and mythology. Honestly, he has only done a little background and outlining work since moving to Colombia in 2007 (and moving into full-time academic work, and becoming a dad …).

With the changing nature of the publishing industry, Carl has increasingly considered moving to working on some ideas for short-form, serial heroic fantasy fiction (though not abandoning the novel project!). He hasn't found enough time to really do anything with that yet, though!

Carl is on Goodreads, though he doesn't even get as much time to read as he would like.

Available here are two curious pieces of "Tolkieniana" by Carl:

Carl Anderson
Nationalities US
Residence Chía, Colombia
Education Harvard College, BA, 1993
Cambridge University, PhD, 2000
British Council, CELTA, 2008
Professional University Professor
Technical Writer/Editor
English-language Tutor