Edlund Regular

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Edlund Regular is available for MacOS in both Postscript/Type 1 and TrueType formats.

Download Edlund Regular for MacOS (Postscript/Type 1).

Download Edlund Regular for MacOS (TrueType).

About Edlund Regular

Edlund Regular was designed for the use of scholars studying medieval Scandinavia, but is suitable for representing fairly normalised forms of (as far as I can tell) every historically recorded Germanic language (including Old English, Middle English, Gothic, and Frisan). Naturally it contains such commonly used characters as edh [ð], ash [æ], and thorn [þ], but also features such characters as the Gothic hwair [hv-ligature], Old English/Insular "g", and Middle English yogh, acute-accented Y and y [Ý/ý], hooked-o, hooked-e, German Eszett [ß], a Scandinavian-style Tironian note, and others.

The character set for Edlund Regular has been optimised for scholars writing on Germanic topics, but is also suitable for representing Latin, and can be used effectively to represent other languages, including French, as well.